What Is Wholarian Living?

Wholarian Living is realizing that we share this ONE planet with over 7 billion people and we all have far more in common than we always admit. It is a way of seeing our global community as one big family and the world as a whole entity instead of trillions of separate pieces.

Wholarian Living is reaching out to friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers and recognizing each other as co-creators of this experience. It is about less drama and more love.

Wholarian Living is about understanding that our choices have consequences. The foods we eat, the words we speak, the thoughts we think, and the love we share all create ripples in the universe. Wholarian Living is being conscious of our choices and trying to make the best ones we can in the moment.

Wholarian Living is being kind, thoughtful, generous, loving, compassionate, lighthearted, and joyful. It is about being grateful for every moment, every person, and every event in our lives and seeing the gift in every situation.

Wholarian Living is recognizing that we are undeniably connected to all things and all people, both seen and unseen. It is acknowledging, honoring, and loving those connections. It is a way to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

Wholarian Living is remembering the power of One: One love … One life … One world.
Many blessings,

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